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  Timms Trucking & Excavating, Ltd.


Timms Trucking & Excavating, LTD came into existence through the hard work, dedication, and persistence of husband and wife, Charles S. and Irma M. Timms as well as their son, Charles A. Timms.  The Timms family was blessed with many talents. One of their many talents is multitasking, which came to great use when Charles S. and Irma α Timms decided to start their own business in 1964, then known as Timms Trucking Service.  Working several other jobs as they started up their own company, they initiated their business venture by purchasing two Tandem Trucks and providing hauling services in the Bexar County area.  At Timms Trucking Service, Charles S. Timms drove a truck, while Irma Timms managed the office. 


As business grew, they later invested in a couple of Semi-Trucks and Trailers and soon after, purchased their first Caterpillar Track Loader and started providing additional services such as demolition at job sites and digging of materials. Charles and Irma Timms credit part of their success to the business relationships they developed throughout the years with local and surrounding General Contractors as well as Dirt Contractors. 

One of the Timms’ wisest moves was investing in Real Estate to further expand their business and services.  Aside from purchasing their home and the business on which the company was established, they purchased a tract of land South of San Antonio in the town of Von Ormy, Texas.  The tract of land purchased at the time, is currently known as the Von Ormy Pit, which is where materials are currently sold for Commercial Projects.

Charles A. Timms, Jr. worked along side his parents in the family company for several years, and worked diligently to learn every aspect of the business.  He mastered truck and trailer maintenance, bidding, administrative tasks, and daily operations, just to name a few.

It was in 1983 when Charles A. Timms Jr., purchased his first Semi-Truck and Trailer and decided to start his own business then known as C.A. Timms Trucking.  His business, like that of his parents, experienced such success that in December 1999 Timms Trucking Service and C.A. Timms Trucking went into a Limited Partnership Agreement and soon after started operating by what is now known as Timms Trucking & Excavating, LTD.  

Timms Trucking & Excavating, LTD currently has a large fleet of Semi-Trucks, as well as various Loaders and Excavating Equipment.   They have 28 employees consisting of Truck Drivers, Equipment Operators, Mechanics, and Office Staff.  Among their customers are General Contractors, Dirt Contractors, Landscapers, School Districts, State Organizations, to mention a few.  Although they have provided services for many jobs, a few projects include commercial and residential developments, state and governmental projects, as well as expansions. 

“We pride ourselves on our years of experience; the tenure, hard work and dedication of our employees; our great customer service, as well as our excellent quality and consistency of services and products. We sincerely thank our loyal customers for contributing to the success of our business. Without them we would not be where we are today. We can honestly say it was word of mouth that significantly contributed to our success.”               

The Timms Family

(210) 623-1229
12685 Somerset Rd., Von Ormy, Texas  78073 
(Located just outside South San Antonio)

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